12 October 2014

Bennett's Bug Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Bennett celebrated his turning five years old with a "bug themed" birthday party with five of his little friends!

Bacteria found in dirt and decaying matter are not good for Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis lungs so his bug birthday party involved no real dirt or real bugs.  Instead, we allowed giant plastic bugs to "fly" and "crawl" all over the place.

The kids enjoyed dirt cup desserts!  Since the guests were all tiny people, I thought these clear shot glasses were perfect for an individual serving of oreo cookie and chocolate pudding "dirt" with a "worm" on the side!

I made a similar decoration from ribbons for Avonlea's birthday.  I just love making these.  So easy and fun to brighten up a space!

The kids enjoyed eating Garlic Breadstick Dough Snails, an idea I found here.  

We also ate strawberry "ladybugs"... (apparently our giant fly liked eating them too. :))

...and grape "caterpillars," which nearly ever child ate like they were eating corn on the cob. ;)

Bennett's birthday cake was a gift from our friend Paola.  Paola has made Bennett a birthday cake for the last three years.  Bennett *loved* his creepy crawly cake!!  And, it wasn't just adorable on the outside, it was SO delicious on the inside too!!

I'll be honest, the creepy gummy spiders on the side of the cake kinda freaked me out. :)

The kids enjoyed kool-aid "bug juice" to drink.

The kids enjoyed going on a "Bug Hunt" where they had to find plastic bugs hidden in our yard. Each child was given a jar to put their bugs in.  The jars and plastic bugs served as party favors.

Sweet baby sister loved playing outside with all the big boys running around.

Make a wish...

May you have many more birthdays, our Bennett-bug!!  We love you!

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