03 August 2014

Fixer Upper

If you've caught HGTV's hottest new show, Fixer Upper, you probably already know it takes place in our current hometown: Waco, Texas.

What you might not already know is Brian and I are friends with the show's very talented carpenter Clint and his wife, Kelly Harp, both of Harp Design Co. and their three sweet kiddos.

Brian and I met Clint and Kelly a few years ago when they started attending our church.  Clint had overheard me tell of Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis so shortly after introducing himself, he shared that before moving to Waco to follow his passion of carpentry, he used to sell IV antibiotics to a CF clinic in Houston so he knew a bit about the disease.  It didn't take long for Kelly and I to "click" as friends.  Kelly and Clint are supporters of Bennett's Brigade and of Bennett's fight against CF.

About a year ago, Kelly shared with me that Clint's work might be on a show potentially airing on HGTV starring Waco's Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia.  A year later, not only is Clint's work often featured on the show but he can be seen on there, as well.  In fact, Kelly and Clint have one full episode of the show dedicated to their own fixer upper of a home, episode 5.

A while back, I came across a Facebook post that Clint posted on their Harp Design Co. Facebook page that I wanted to share here.  Personally knowing this sweet family and Clint's passion for what he does, the corresponding words with this picture are meaningful:

"2 1/2 yrs ago, fresh out of corporate america, I turned this leg while simultaneously feeling completely overwhelmed and wondering what in the world I was doing. It took me almost 2 hours (which is not good) and I went home and cried. My kids put stickers all over it that said "great job!" and my wife, @kellygharp, said she loved it and me. A few weeks later @joannagaines came to the shop, saw that leg in the corner, pointed and said..."that's the leg i want for the magnolia farm tables". True stories are the best." -Clint of HarpDesignCo

Unknowingly, Joanna used an unwanted leg for her now famous Magnolia Farm tables.  Daily, Clint uses old scrap reclaimed wood for his handmade furniture shown on HGTV.  Sometimes, that which we believe to be worthless can be just the start of something amazing.

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