06 August 2014

Avonlea's Ice Cream Birthday Party

Last week, we held a small birthday party to celebrate Avonlea's first birthday.  This was my first girlie birthday party so I may or may not have overdone the pink.  :)  Planning Avonlea's birthday party reminded me that it wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating Bennett's first birthday.

It's hard to believe that it was one year ago that we brought our tiny baby girl home from the hospital. At 12 months old, Avonlea now walks and can sign several words in sign language (mainly "all done" and "bye bye").  We are pretty sure Avonlea says a few words too, but we're still trying to decipher how much of her talking is gibberish and actual speaking. :)

We chose an "ice cream" theme for Avonlea's first birthday because she ice cream is her favorite food of all.  She's a quiet baby until you stop giving her her ice cream and then she can get loud! :)  Cookies made by our friend Paola at Paola's Cakes and Desserts.

I made these cute little ice cream cone cookies from an idea I found from here:


We were really blessed with a beautiful day for Avonlea's party.  Typically, August summers, even in the evening are too hot to be outside.  But the night of her party, it was cool and windy enough to enjoy being outside, especially with ice cream in hand. :)

Happy birthday, Babycakes!  Mama and Daddy love you to pieces!!...

...your sweet big brothers do too!

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