06 June 2014

Bennett's Brigade :: WILMINGTON, NC 2014

The Wilmington, NC Bennett's Brigade team is what first moved us from a local team to a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-recognized National Family Team!!  

For the second year, Bennett's Brigade Wilmington, NC has demonstrated that fighting for Bennett's life isn't just something we do here in Texas!! :)  North Carolina is "in it for Bennett", too!!

The support and love from Leah (pictured here holding the rose) and her friends and family ripples through our hearts all year long.  

Bennett's Brigade Wilmington, NC raised $350 for Bennett this year and grew even bigger this year from last!!  

I wish I could reach through this picture and give each one of these sweet people a hug.  
Thank you, Wilmington crew!!!  We love you!!

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