29 May 2014

Oliver's Kindergarten Graduation 2014

Brian and I couldn't be any more proud of Bennett's big brother, Oliver, as he graduated Kindergarten today!  

It was such fun to see our oldest learn to read, write, add and subtract this past year.  And it's hard to believe we will do all of this all over again with Bennett in two short years!  

 Oliver has some of the very sweetest little classmates.  They all play together so well and love to encourage and support each other.  I am thankful he will be with most of them next year in first grade.

In honor of #throwbackthursday, I thought I'd compare Oliver's kindergarten graduation with my own exactly 18 years and 1 day ago. :)

I loved my kindergarten teacher as much as Oliver loved his!  I am so thankful for people who love and care for my children when I cannot be with them.

Congratulations, sweet Oliver!  We are so very proud of you!!

22 May 2014

First and Last Day of School Pictures 2013-2014

I have so many pictures still to post from the last of our CF Walks around the country.  But before I get started posting them, I thought I would post before and after photos of the boys on their first and last day of school this past school year.  Oliver will soon be graduating kindergarten and Bennett will be entering pre-K in the fall.  

It's evident from the pictures how the boys have matured.  Those who haven't seen Bennett in a while often comment on how tall Bennett has grown.  Unfortunately, his weight has not gone up much (that pesky Cystic Fibrosis is to blame) but he has grown tall!

 Bennett - August 2013 and May 2014

Bennett - Beginning the 3's class and ending the 3's class

 Oliver - August 2013 and May 2014

 Oliver - Before Kindergarten and After Kindergarten

Bennett and Oliver - August 2014 (ages 3 and 5) and May 2014 (ages 4 and 6)

08 May 2014

A Mother's Day Fundraiser for Bennett

I don't have pictures from our Cystic Fibrosis Walk in Waco just yet so I'll put up a post about that in the coming days.  However, I wanted to share a great fundraiser for Bennett being organized by my sweet friend Kayla.  

Kayla recently reached out to me to ask if she could donate/auction off a few of her handmade wooden pieces as a way to raise money for Bennett's Brigade.  

Kayla is very talented so I am super excited that she would do this for our family.  Kayla has a very soft and generous heart.  I consider myself very blessed to know her!!

This is Bennett with Kayla.  Kayla lost her brother, Damon, suddenly in a car accident on February 17, 2010.  So, Kayla knows what it's like to grieve the loss of a sibling.  Kayla recently shared with me that one of the reasons she wants to do this fundraiser is because she doesn't want Oliver and Avonlea to ever know what it's like to lose a brother.  I was so touched that she was using her story to make a difference in mine.

Just think what a fun Mother's Day gift this could be for a mama or grandma!  The wooden ruler is even more beautiful in person!! I am so in love with this!!   It's perfect for any wall to hang as a decoration and to measure children's heights as they grow.  The growth ruler (9" wide and 6.5' tall when hung) is hand sanded, stained and painted.  It will be personalized by the recipients' name of choice.  Shipping is free of charge!

I asked Kayla to take a picture of the ruler in her home, which is at the end of a hallway and next to some gorgeous family pictures!   Kayla and I met several years ago at a local park shortly after Bennett got out of the Feeding Clinic in Dallas.  Kayla has two young children my kids' age.  

Not only is Kayla generously donating of her wooden rulers, she is also auctioning off this beautiful 1.75ft x 2.5ft  reclaimed wooden sign with the Bible verse 1 Samuel 1:27. This sign would look so perfect in a child's bedroom or nursery!  Shipping is free of charge.

If you are interested, please email your bid to breckgamel @  The auction goes until May 12th so bid fast!!  Kayla is taking care of the shipping so please share this others!! Let's raise money for Bennett!!  This beautiful ruler and wooden sign are going to be hanging in someone's house soon!  Make sure it's yours!! :)