29 March 2014

Avonlea's 6 Month Photo Shoot

I am a little late on posting these but they are too special not to share.  Thanks to Khimberly Caton from Snaptastic Shots for continuing to capture my kids as they grow.  These are from Avonlea's 6 month photo shoot.

Can I tell you that when I showed up for our shoot, I had not expected to be in any of the pictures.  In fact, I was running late for our photo shoot because I had overslept my nap (the saliva-down-your-cheek kind of nap).  So, I literally woke up, grabbed Avonlea and her stuff and ran out the door.  The fact that I look even decent in these pictures is pure evidence this woman does magic behind the camera!!

I am really loving having a girl.  My boys are very special to me.  But it is a lot of fun to have a little girl to dress up in hairbows and tights.

Avonlea is extremely laid-back.  She is a typical third child, easily contented and happy to watch the world around her.  

Avonlea hardly ever cries and doesn't mind having her schedule interrupted.  She loves to be around her brothers, who she finds quite entertaining.

I have had the most fun with Avonlea.  When Oliver was a new baby, so much of my energy was spent trying to figure out how to be a parent.  When Bennett was a baby, so much energy was spent keeping him healthy.

Avonlea has given Brian and me a chance to really enjoy this infant stage, both because we've figured it out a little more and because her health is not a concern.  Brian and I both feel extremely blessed to have been given another little one to love on.  She has brought our family so much joy.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful....sweet Avonlea and her beautiful mama, your perspective, your joy, your ability to slow down and soak in this season...ALL beautiful! Love this post.

  2. Aww....precious little girl. Love the photos! You both look great :)

  3. I can relate. I have three boys, ages 8, 6, and 9 months. The first one never slept and I never knew what he wanted. The second was so much easier and with more sleep I could enjoy more. But at 16 months we almost lost him, spent a week in picu, diagnosed with type one diabetes. This made for a lot less sleep and a lot of work. But I never gave up wanting a third one...I wanted to really enjoy everything and to show that we could be a normal family again despite daily health problems. So when our third baby came along we were thrilled and he was perfect...until the phone rang at nine days old and they told us he had cf. I was crushed and there are days I just wish we could enjoy more time playing with him instead of medical time, especially because he is the happiest, most content baby!! I only wanted to share since you seem to really relate to enjoying the third baby. Thanks for letting me share my story with you.


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