24 January 2014

Bennett's First Sport :: Living Xtreme

Sometimes, when people find out Bennett has a genetic disease that damages his lungs, they wonder if his physical activity should be minimized.  

They are often surprised the opposite is true.  Because of Cystic Fibrosis, Bennett's physical activity should be maximized in order to keep his lungs active and healthy.  

For that reason, we have committed, as a family, to be physically active and to keep Bennett in as many physically active activities as we can throughout his childhood.  This is the way we can best care for Bennett and his lungs.

So, with this in mind, it's clear to see we were all really excited when Bennett turned four years old last fall and could finally begin playing team sports. 

The first sport Bennett got to play?   


Bennett was so excited to be able to be like the big boys!  He had been waiting all year for his chance to play as he could only watch from afar his brother play sports last summer.

We joined a local children's sports league that allowed both boys on the same team.  Oliver was there to play soccer right along with his little brother...

...which is good because much of "playing soccer" this year was spent with a heavy emphasis on the word "playing." :)

Big brother worked really hard to master the soccer kick!  The goal?  Keeps eyes open. :)

Team picture-taking was Mom's favorite part of Bennett's first time playing team sports.

At the end of the soccer season, which lasted a few weeks, each boy was given a medal for their hard work.  We are thankful to the boys' soccer coaches, who also happen to be our friends, Jeremy and Emily.  They worked tirelessly to keep a team of 4-6 year olds focused on the game. :)

Of course, baby sister Avonlea didn't want to be left out.  She sat on the sidelines to cheer her brothers on! :)

For our Cystic Fibrosis friends who know the importance of physical activity on the CF body, here is a really well done video about "Living Extreme" with Cystic Fibrosis.  If anything that will make you want to get up and throw your running shoes on, this video will:!!  

This video demonstrates the kind of attitude we want to develop in Bennett and in our family as a whole as we share together as a family the importance of helping Bennett stay healthy through a lifetime of physical activity.  

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