23 December 2013

Visiting Santa 2013

Recently, Brian and I took the kids to visit Santa at our local Bass Pro shop, our very favorite place to visit Santa Claus.  (We had such a great time, despite that 2/3rds of our children failed remember to smile for the camera! :))

Our day was made even more special by the fact that Bennett's best friend, Parker, came along with us.  Parker didn't want to sit on Santa's lap alone but eventually agreed to do it once his buddy, Bennett, agreed to sit with him. :)

Oliver had a chance to give Santa his Christmas list, which he wrote himself...

...I suppose, a typical list for a 6 year old who says he wants to grow up to be a scientist.

Appropriate outfit for the day!

 While we were waiting to see Santa, we had a chance to ride the Bass Pro carousal.  Kids loved it!

This was one of Parker's favorite activities.  In fact, he asked Santa to bring him a Monster truck (hope Santa was listening).  We love visiting the Bass Pro Shop.  They have such fun things for kids to do, especially at the Christmas season.

So glad our little holly jolly enjoyed her first Santa experience this year! :)  

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