30 December 2013

Avonlea's Delivery In Pictures

Avonlea is five months old now and I am sooo behind on blogging.  But, now that our little princess is 5 months old, I am finally beginning to find time to go back and fill in some of the last few months with pictures and updates.  I suppose it makes sense to start with Avonlea's birth...

These beautiful pictures were taken by Khimberly Caton from Snaptastic Shots.  I look at these pictures and still wonder if they are really pictures of my own experience...partly because the pictures are so gorgeous and partly because I can hardly remember the experience itself.  I am SO thankful to have had delivery photography during this, my last time to experience giving birth.

My OB, Brian and decided to induce labor, as I did with my other two.  I think it was particularly important this time since I was having a lot of anxiety over my fears that Avonlea was going to be born sick, like when Bennett was.  Inducing birth allowed me to make sure my very trusted OB could be there for Avonlea's birth, in case anything unforseen should happen.

I was admitted to the hospital at 5AM.  
Pitocin was given at 8AM.  
My epidural was given at 10AM...

and by 1:30PM and just a few pushes, she was here, Avonlea Brooklyn Gamel

Avonlea had a little trouble breathing since she had sucked down a little meconium into her lungs.  
So, our sweet delivery nurse had to rub her a bit to get a good cry from her.

She was measured and weighed:

Seven pounds, two ounces + 19.5 inches long

This was our first time to get to see her.

Our sweet baby girl.

My mother, known as "Mumsy," and my sister Aunt Brooklyn (Avonlea's namesake) came to visit us a few hours after her birth.  They are so proud!  After having two little baby boys in lots of blue, it was tons of fun to enjoy dressing this sweet newborn in tons of pink!

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  1. You are smiling and beautiful in every picture, since I have personally not given birth, these pictures make it look like a classy and easy affair! ;)


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