31 October 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween From The Gamel Family!!

Last year, the boys were superheroes.  This year's theme was "Under the Sea."  
Bennett chose to be a dolphin.  Oliver chose to be an octopus.  Avonlea was a mermaid.  
(The kids' costumes were handmade, with *much* help from my good friend Kristin, who cut and sewed them together for me.  But, I should say, I proudly hot glued. :))

Our little fish-girl.  She didn't mind at all being placed into a fin-suit.

I found the idea for this costume on the Internet and it turned out so well!  It's almost creepy how much it looked like an octopus when we were done.  Oliver's choice in sweatshirt was his favorite color: orange.

Want to know what Oliver originally asked to be for Halloween?  Check out a Red Belly Comb Jelly:  That thing doesn't even have a face or head.  I couldn't figure out which part of it was the head and the body. You can now understand why we went with an octopus. :)

On one level, Bennett's costume was super easy.  But, on the other hand, it was a challenge.  The belly, fin and tail were nothing more than a sweatsuit, fleece and stuffing that we sewed together.  But the dolphin head was fairly difficult.  We worked on it, for what it seemed to be, forever!

Finally, we were able to figure something out.  We ended up creating the head by using a baseball cap, gray fleece and some thick foam.  Kristincurled the bill of the baseball cap with a rubber band and stuck foam inside to give the dolphin head a "bottled nose."  Then, we stuffed the top of the hat to make the top of the dolphin's head.  It took us lots of tries to figure it out but we were pretty proud of the end result.  :)

Bennett's favorite part of his costume was definitely his dolphin tail.  And I'll have to admit that, while watching him from behind and seeing that little tail that bounce along the way, it was my favorite part too. :)

I love how Oliver instinctively put his hands inside his over sized sweatshirt and gave hugs with his tentacles.  I could tell he really loved channelling his "inner octopus."

 After a few pictures, the kids started playing.  Next thing I knew the octopus was eating the dolphin! :)

 Octopus+Dolphin peace.

Daddy with his sea creatures.

Under the Sea with Mama.

Off we go!

Trick or Treat!

I had to make sure to get a picture of Oliver's octopus tentacles by the end of the night.  One of the compromises I made for Oliver, since I had to confess to him that I was never going to be able to create him a Red Belly Comb Jelly costume, was I would give each of his octopus' tentacles' glow sticks (to which I ended up gluing to the ends).  Oliver really loved it and, as it turned out, the glow sticks really highlighted his eight tentacles while he was trick or treating. :)
What a fun Halloween we had this year!  The boys had such a great time visiting our sweet neighbors.  And Avonlea was happy to watch her brothers collect candy while I held her around the neighborhood.  She's such a peaceful baby.  But besides...she knows she gets to do all of this next year. :)

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