05 September 2013

Avonlea: 1 Month Old

Our sweet girl turned one month old on August 25th.

She is still pretty tiny but is growing strong.  At one month old she is starting to focus and holding up her head.

To her mama, Avonlea is adorable, even when she cries.  That little lip gets me every time.  She sounds like a baby bird every time she cries.  :)

This outfit just cracks me up.  Avonlea is just a living baby doll!  Brian said she looks like 40 year old teacher here - ha! :)

Most people think Avonlea looks so much like Oliver.  But as she gets bigger we have begun to hear people think she looks like Bennett too.  It's hard for us to tell.

 Sleepy girl.

 Avonlea is such a peaceful baby.  And she is loves to be cuddled!

Big brother Oliver wanted to crawl up in the chair and hold her.

 We love this little one!  Happy one month birthday, sweet girl!


  1. She is so adorable! Congratulations! Just one month late. :)
    I am another CF mom and I follow your blog. Your last entry about CF was so perfectly stated, thanks for sharing your journey with us! God bless you and your sweet family!


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