22 July 2013

Pictures: The boys and their siblings in the womb

Three years ago, on the Sunday of my 38th week of pregnancy, I took one of my last "belly" pictures to document my pregnancy with Bennett (see below).  

38 Weeks Pregnant with Bennett (with big brother Oliver), 2009

This later turned out to be a pretty significant picture as it documented the last day I remember Bennett kicking hard in the womb.  Monday and Tuesday progressed with almost no movement from Bennett.  On Wednesday morning, after a restless night's sleep, I went to the hospital to check on the baby, whom I had firmly become convinced had already passed away in the womb.  

Thankfully, Bennett turned out to be alive so we induced immediately.  This began our journey of having a child with Cystic Fibrosis.

Knowing the picture below was significant to me, I decided to "retake" the photo yesterday, the Sunday of my 38th pregnancy with Baby #3...    

38 Weeks with Baby #3 (with big brother Bennett and Oliver), 2013  

38 Weeks with Bennett, 2009

38 Weeks with Baby #3, 2013

I feel incredibly blessed to have a picture of all three little ones - my two big boys in my arms and my baby girl snuggled inside.  I'm looking so forward to getting another picture like this but with baby girl on the outside! :)


  1. Beautiful photos! Really, really pretty.

  2. Yeah, so excited for you all. Praying for a quick, safe and healthy delivery! =)


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