20 July 2013

Family Trip to the Cave - Update and Pictures

In my last post, I mentioned the reasons for the decision we made to not to let Bennett visit the inside of a cave due to his Cystic Fibrosis but I haven't shared pictures of our trip to Austin to visit the Inner Space Caverns.

Our pediatrician, who had heard we were taking a day trip to the Caverns, had suggested that we eat at Monument Cafe outside of Austin on our way to the Caverns.  This turned out to be a perfect place for lunch.  It resembles a 50's diner although it's very modern and has a wide variety of yummy food.

After lunch, Oliver and Brian took a tour of the cave together.  I love how they got a picture while inside.  Both Oliver and Brian came out with lots of new things to share.  Brian's favorite part was when the tour guide asked everyone on the tour to be silent so they could hear the rush of cars on the freeway above them (this is how the Cavern was found many years ago - while they were trying to build an interstate).  Oliver's favorite part was when the tour guide asked everyone to turn off their phones and turned off the lights so that it was pitch black in the cave.  I was so excited that Oliver gained first hand experience with geology, his new interest these days.

While Brian and Oliver took the 1 hour tour, Bennett and I entertained ourselves at Target.  He had a chance to look at the toy section and I enjoyed staying in the air conditioning while waiting for the big boys to be done. :)  I don't have a picture but Bennett's face was esctatic when he was told he could pick out a small toy from the toy aisle in Target.  Oliver was a little jealous that he didn't get a toy.  But we explained to both boys that Mommy and Daddy wanted to make both of them happy but that didn't mean each of them were going to get to do the same thing.  I find myself trying to explain to the boys from time to time, "fair isn't everyone getting the same thing - fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful."

After the cave tour and a visit to Target, we purchased a $6 bag of dirt to sift through to find gemstones (thanks for the idea, Robin Hogan!).  Basically, it was a bunch of cool rocks and crystals hidden in a bag of wet sand.  But it was perfect for our little guys who enjoyed the process of placing the dirty on the screens, using their hands to look for cool rocks and placing the screen in water to allow the sand to disappear.

On such a hot Texas Saturday, it was a lot of fun for the boys to play in the dirt and sand.  And, I'll admit, even Brian and I were thrilled with the rocks the kids found in their bag.  Surprises of any kind are fun.  After that, we went inside to eat some ice cream together.

We really enjoyed being able to take a day trip with the boys.  We have tried to be very intentional with being present with the boys this summer.  Although, we didn't take any vacations this summer (due to my pregnancy), we created ourselves several mini-vacations by visiting local fun spots for kids.

We have tried to explain to the boys that these trips are our special way of being with them before the baby comes as it will gets hard for us to do these things quite as often.  I don't think they get it but, at least Brian and I have the satisfaction of knowing we tried to make the most of our being a family of four...before we become a family of five! 

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  1. Yay Breck! I love that y'all had such a great trip to the cave! So glad the rocks were a hit!!! Lots of love, Robin.


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