09 June 2013

Whew. That's a long break, eh?

Geesh, it's been a while since I've posted.  It's unlike me, which is why I often get calls and emails from friends asking if I'm doing ok when my blog goes silent.  :)

The good news is the main reason the blog is quiet is because I'm being a real life mom, with real life mom problems and real life mom joys.  The reality is I have a ton to blog about.  I am now 7.5 weeks from Baby Gamel's due date and we are trying to prepare her nursery and get everything we need.  Bennett is still potty-training but getting closer and closer each day.  The boys just finished up their school year, which means Oliver is now a rising Kindergartner.  And I am busy finishing up residual work regarding Bennett's Brigade (such as thanking people who have yet to be thanked - if you are one of those, thank you SO much for being patient with this pregnant lady!!).

Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis has continued to stay in control.  We are really really praying that he can make it to his 4th birthday with no real lung infections.  This would be *such* a gift to have 4 years of good lung health.  We know Bennett's lungs are slowly being damaged over time due to his disease.  But, it would be amazing to know he went four full years without any additional infections increasing the damage of this progressive disease.  We still have 3 more months but I am so praying we can make it until then and hopefully a year beyond that!

My pregnancy is going really well.  We have finally named our baby girl but we are planning to hold it as a surprise for when she is born.  Since this baby is our "grand finale" of our family, Brian and my last time to experience the birth of one of our children together, we thought it might be a lot of fun to reveal the baby's name once she is here.  Now, I know I'm a bit of a hypocrite.  I have always hated when my friends do this to me (I find it terribly hard to wait for surprises) but it actually made waiting for my best friend's recent birth of her baby to be born pretty exciting so I thought I'd build the suspense among our friends as well.

This picture is from early last month when we had a chance to peek inside the womb and see what our baby girl looks like!

Baby Girl's sweet smile in the womb.

They say girls' communication skills are more advanced than boys, even in infancy.  But I wasn't quite prepared for her to begin communicating quite so early.

The Gamel "monkey toes" - comes from her father's size.  I can't do anything with my toes.  Brian is amazingly crafty with his.  Looks like he's passed his long flexible toes to her.

Baby Girl Gamel has continued to be active in the womb, despite her quiet phase that one day that freaked me out.  I have been so very happy to have her moving very regularly.  Each time, it soothes my heart and reassures me she is ok.  Since this is my third pregnancy, this time, I'm more aware of feeling arms/feet and feeling her head or bum.  It's pretty cool to be able to sense where she is at any given time.  She seems to prefer laying sideways in my belly (feet kicking in either of my sides), rather than head down these days.  So, I'm praying she will "get in position" once it's time so I don't have to experience my first C-section with this little one.

Oliver and Bennett are excited for the baby.  Bennett is probably the most connected to the baby.  I actually asked him today if he would put a pair of pink socks for the baby in the top of her drawer.  As soon as he noticed the tiny socks with tiny seersucker ruffles and a tiny pink bow on them, he gasp and said, "oh, so pretty for the baby!"  Brian told me later, when he saw Bennett open the baby's top drawer to put the socks inside, Bennett exclaimed, "her is going to like this!" It cracks me up how sweet and tender he is with regard to her, even when he doesn't know her.  She represents all that is pink and girly and he seems to appreciate there is something downright special about that.  :)

Oliver has become very independent in the last 6 months.  He is incredibly proud of his ability to do things that are truly valuable for our family, whether it's helping his brother, helping to sort socks or giving himself his own bath (washing his hair and all).  I have noticed his little legs and arms are growing longer and his demeanor is more mature.  He is looking more and more like a child on the verge of being a teenager.  He played his first organized sport this year and did a great job.  I feel both really excited he's growing up and disappointed that his independence means each day he will need me less and less.  I suppose that's the challenge of parenting, really - to love your children enough to teach them to need you less and less over time.

Bennett cannot wait until he's four so he can plan t-ball too! :)

My favorite boys on St. Patrick's day.

I will continue to post about what's going on with us.  But if and when things get quiet, I'm gonna blame it on "nesting."  At 32 weeks pregnant, I have an overwhelming desire to go through every drawer and organize everything.  The number of schedules, lists, charts and calendars in my house is insane.  But knowing that our little family of four is about to be invaded by another little person with lots of needs, it's about time I get to finishing the projects I've left undone around the house and I began organizing every space I can.  It's just about to get crazy - in a good-crazy kind of way! :)


  1. I apologize if you've already mentioned this in a past post, but did you do any pre-natal testing to determine if baby girl has CF?

    1. We chose not to do an amniocentesis since it was not going to change our decision to have the baby. We should get confirmation of CF/no CF through genetic testing results that should come back a week or so after birth.

  2. Aww. Adorable usual ;-) Thanks for the pictures. Love them. Enjoy these last few weeks till we see her little face for real not in images. So glad Bennet has been relatively well, big blessing.

    1. Thandi, thanks so much for your sweet words. I am very excited to see this baby girl's face in real life! And I cannot even communicate what a blessing we feel it is to have Bennett well. Thank you for your sweet support and love. :)


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