27 June 2013

My first blog post ever.

This is my first blog post ever, exactly 8 years ago today, on June 27, 2004 on the website Xanga. 

I found it several months ago printed and saved in an old binder that I put together years ago as I deleted emails and moved my personal blogs from the Xanga website to Blogger.  When I recently found it, I thought it was so very funny to go back and read my very first blog post.  This was before blogs became really mainstream.  Of course, this blog, Bennett's blog, began just shy of four years ago when he was born.  But I have been blogging for quite some time in different capacities.  

Please forgive me for the silliness of putting this online but it just cracks me up.  (btw, just so you know, I looked it up, a 'weblog' is apparently what we *used* to call these things before they were shortened to the term we now use regularly, called 'blogs'.)

June 27, 2004

This is the new craze.  And I'm hooked.  I'm not really sure why.  Brian thinks it's kinda silly and doesn't see the point.  But, for whatever reason I'm fascinated by weblogs and decided to join in with my friends.

It kept creeping closer...more and more of my friends have been getting their own weblog.  And then my best friend Lane did it.  And I was like, "OKAY! THAT'S IT! I'M DOING IT TOO!"

So, here I am. :)

Everybody's doing it.  And yet, I feel some kind of need to explain why I would want a weblog and why on earth I think people would actually read my weblog.

For me, this weblog is a place where I can write my random thoughts (...when I have random thoughts to write).  I won't write because I think people are coming to see what I write (I won't bother puffing myself up to believe anybody cares *that* much about what I have to say on life! Ha!)   As matter of fact, I've disabled the comments/eProps thing because my point isn't hearing feedback.  So, if you want to write me, just email me.)  But I want to write to just share what's on my heart and if you want to drop in, that's cool.

Once, when trying to convince Brian that weblogs are cool and that he's totally not "in" if he doesn't think so, he mentioned to me how much weblogs are really like prayer.

Weblogs are a place to share your heart and feel like you've been "heard".   He said, "it's the same thing as prayer: telling God your heart and knowing someone has heard you."

So, maybe this is how I pray, as well.

Nonetheless, you won't find my deepest darkest secrets here.  If you do, they will be encrypted so you'll never know it.  I won't write about anything that I wouldn't tell you in person if you ask.

However, it is here where you can listen to me share my heart and ride along with me as I seek to understand who I am really meant to be.


  1. Weblog! It sounds so 80's! I'm glad you introduced me to weblogs all those years ago :)

    1. OMG, I know!! Isn't that so funny? Xanga was popular about the time of Myspace so this was before Blogger or Facebook. So weird because I hardly remember Xanga or Myspace. I guess it was nearly 10 years ago! I'm so glad you took a bite off the blog craze. I love reading yours!! :)


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