03 May 2013

Preparing for Baby

We are preparing for baby girl over here at the Gamel household.  I'm 27 weeks now and beginning to seriously prepare for a new baby.  It's both a wonderful and frightening thought!  I look forward to holding our baby girl.  But I don't know what I'm going to do with three children!  I suppose I'll figure it out when I get there! :)

Each week, Brian takes a picture of my growing belly...

This week, a little person tried to sneak in the photo shoot.

Speaking of this little person, Bennett has learned the song "Rock A Bye Baby" at school and *loves* to sing it.  He loves to sing anything but apparently this song has been on his "most favs" list for a while.

So, when he saw the cradle someone recently gave me to use with the baby, it made sense that he would want to push it while singing his favorite song.  This prompted me to pull out the one doll we have in our house (for when our little friends who are girls come over to play) and place the baby in the cradle.  I wrapped the baby up in one of Bennett's old baby blankets, found a stuffed animal and a baby bottle and let him play.

Bennett loves it.  He loves "helping" with the baby and singing to her.  It is pretty darn adorable to see.  Bennett is going to be a fabulous big brother.  I think he is most curious about babies out of either boy, although both boys are quite interested in understanding how girls work (why they like pink and ruffles and things of that sort).

Bennett is incredibly social and really loves making babies laugh.  He loves to touch their heads and feet.  So, I look forward to seeing how he and his little sister will get along.

I have no doubt that our baby girl (whom we still have not named) will be well cared for by big brother Bennett and well protected by big brother Oliver.  This little girl is a lucky one to have such great big brothers.  And they are going to be so lucky to have a baby sister to love on and play with.

Of course, I'm the one who feels most fortunate as I get to be their watch them grow and develop into the people they are meant to be.  It's a pretty huge responsibility but this journey is worth every minute!  And it's sweet moments like these that remind me of this.


  1. Breck, You look AMAZING pregnant! Can't wait for the new baby! Also, speaking from experience, having two older brothers is the only way to grow up... She's one lucky lady.

    1. Aw, thanks, Hannah! :) So glad to know this is the way Baby Girl should grow up! :)

  2. Breck, you look insanely beautiful!!

    And oh my GOODNESS I am so excited you're having a little girl!! What fun you're going to have. That little lady is going to be quite the princess with the two older princes to protect and love on her!!

    1. Ashleigh, you're so sweet to say that. Thanks girl! :) I agree that our little girl is going to be very loved and protected by these two boys (as the are often Superheros around here). :)

  3. Those boys are going to be amazing brothers.


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