02 May 2013

New Cystic Fibrosis Iphone/Ipad Game

I recently learned about a new free iPhone/iPad Cystic Fibrosis game for older children, teens and adults.   It's called "Muck Busters" and, I'll be honest, is pretty addictive. :)


The creators describe the game like this, "Users navigate a colorful world battling stubborn enemies including bacteria, white blood cells, and mucus, and overcome obstacles, like blocked airways, with help from fun characters representing Pulmozyme, bronchodilators, hydrators, and antibiotics. Best of all, there is a component that allows users to create a profile which offers tools to help users keep track of their CF treatments."

Although it might be a little bit difficult for Bennett and Oliver right now (since they are 3 and 5), it's a fun little game and may make doing treatments go faster for those children hold enough to enjoy more complicated electronic games.

The part I found interesting was the little game was hard work to win...much the hard work it takes to overcome the negative effects of Cystic Fibrosis.  For a CF mom like me, it does feel a bit therapeutic to see that mucus go away.  Wish real life was that easy!! :)

This game is put out by Genetech, the makers of Pulmozyme.
Here's how to get it for free:!/id589643366

So, tell me, what do you and your kids think about it?

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