08 May 2013

Great Strides Walk 2013 #1 - Bennett's Brigade, Wilmington, NC

Congratulations to Bennett's Brigade in Wilmington, NC who raised $250 for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and came out on an early Saturday morning to Walk for Bennett!!

Here are pictures of the Bennett's Brigade team at the Wilmington, NC Walk...

Thank you to David, Leah, Lisa, Doug, Johnnie and Noah for coming out and supporting Bennett on an early Saturday morning!

I just love this video that Leah sent me of Bennett's Brigade at the Wilmington Walk.  When Bennett saw the video, Bennett wanted to know, "where was me??" :)

I loved getting to see this picture where it shows how many people were at the Wilmington, NC Walk!

I love the sweet sign Leah made (and Noah often held) of Bennett in his Superman shirt.  It is so touching that all of the other walkers at the Walk that day saw Bennett's little face and knew why this group was particularly invested in finding a cure.

Leah with her dear Mom (Lisa) and Dad (Doug).  What great parents they are to do this for their daughter and for the tender heart their daughter has for a child in need of a cure!

David and Leah

Leah, Johnnie and Noah


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