26 April 2013

Our Cover Boy

The boys were delighted when they found in the mail the latest copy of a new magazine in our area called, "Hewitt Life" and saw Bennett on the cover. :)

A few months ago, while thumbing through this new magazine, I noticed there was a advertisement asking for story ideas.  Being a journalist at heart, I thought it might be a good opportunity to tell Bennett's story - to share awareness of Bennett's fight and the need to find a cure.  I was delighted when the editor of the magazine contacted me back and offered to not only do a story on Bennett but put him on the cover.  What an honor!

It's hard to see but on the top right corner of the first page, there is a picture of Bennett from his most recent hospitalization last November.

It has been really wonderful to be able to tell others in our community about Cystic Fibrosis, particularly to people who have no idea about this disease.  I don't much about the impact it will have (since the publication of the magazine is only around 5,000).  But, I have heard several people in our community mention they saw Bennett on the cover.  A sweet neighbor from down the street even stopped by our house yesterday to give us her copy of the magazine.  My hope is the article is informative and helpful to those we see in our community but have no idea the silent fight we are in.

Although my greatest desire is to see this article help us raise more money for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, I also really appreciate the amazing documentation of our journey that the magazine serves for Bennett when he gets older...and not just for Bennett but for Oliver as well.  Although I had hoped I could tell Bennett's story to others in a forum in which I am most comfortable (journalism story-telling), I feel incredibly blessed to have been given such a fabulous opportunity to share our family's journey.  As I have said before, all I ultimately want Bennett to grow up knowing is that while we inadvertently gave him Cystic Fibrosis through our genetics, we have and will spend the rest of our lives doing everything we can to see him healed from it.

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