02 April 2013

Gamel Easter Traditions 2013: Decorating Easter Eggs

A few months before Easter, I sat down and gathered all of the best family Easter traditions I could find, especially those that tell the story of Easter.  This is one of several Easter traditions we have adopted in hopes it will help our children more deeply appreciate and understand what Easter is all about.  We are always looking for creative ways to teach our children about God and the world around us.  If you have a family Easter tradition to share, please leave it in the comment box below!

The one thing I love about dyeing eggs is you can make it as simple or complicated as you want.  This year, the boys not only enjoyed coloring their eggs but writing on them with a crayon so that they can make designs on them.  

Brian and I enjoyed talking with the boys about how our dyeing eggs is like giving them "new life."  We explained that this "new life" is that which we experience in Christ.  Although the boys are too young to fully understand what we are talking about, we share about God gives us Spring (a time of newness) and how, on Easter, God began the process of making the world new.

Bennett enjoyed putting stickers on his eggs when they were dry.

Brian made this egg in celebration of our baby girl.

The finished product!

Superman, made by Daddy, to the delight of Bennett.


  1. I've loved all your Easter posts! Oliver and the empty egg! Bennett's Superman egg and the one for baby girl! Love all your traditions!

    1. Thanks Cynth! Brian is very proud of his artistic abilities with regards to colored eggs. :)

  2. I am absolutely loving how INTENTIONAL ya'll are with your boys. It's my goal, but sometimes it just doesn't happen :) You have some great ideas for centering their thoughts and hearts on Jesus. Love it! And, I'm loving that baby girl bump!!!!!!


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