31 March 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!

A family photo before our church Easter Egg hunt!

Getting ready to hunt for some eggs!

Although there were 400 eggs at the park spread out for 40 children, within minutes, the bigger kids had gathered up much of the eggs.  The eggs were gobbled up so fast, our little guys didn't get many.  Fortunately, they weren't too concerned.  I think they were just satisfied to get to sit down and eat their little pieces of chocolate that they didn't even notice their baskets were near empty.

One of the most meaningful moments for me yesterday happened spontaneously while I sat on the ground with them taking pictures of their opening their eggs.  Oliver opened one of the eggs to find nothing was inside.  To my surprise, instead of being upset (which I had fully expected since he's 5), he excitedly said, "Look, Mom, nothing inside!!  It's like the cave when Jesus wasn't there!"  It was a really touching moment for me.  Oliver saw his empty egg, not as the loss of candy but as an empty tomb.  (I had no idea how powerful our annual tradition of telling the Easter Story through Resurrection Eggs would be for Oliver.  In that moment, I realized, "he gets it.")

He is Risen!  Happy Easter!

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