03 February 2013

Photo Dump

My iPhone says I'm out of storage space.  Apparently iCloud stops backing up your phone once you get 800 pictures on your phone.  Oops! :)  

So, I've been busy downloading and deleting.  
Here are a few pictures I thought I'd share of the boys being boys: 

Wearing his favorite costume: a fire hat and boots (which may or may not match)

The boys wait patiently for the hairstylist to cut their hair.  
In the meantime, they pretended to give each other haircuts. 

Oliver just experienced his very first time roller skating.  Initially, he was awful.  Brian called him "Spaghetti Legs" as he could hardly keep his feet still.  But he laughed and laughed and fell and got up and laughed again.  This "walker" didn't do much good since it had rollers of its own.  But, with practice, Oliver got better and loved it.

Bennett enjoys watching people load the airplane. 

Oliver, wearing a Superman t-shirt given to him by his "Uncle" Drew and "Aunt" Judy reenacts a scene from Christopher Reeve's original Superman movie (it's pretty much the only scene he's ever seen).

Oliver came to ask for help during his "rest time" this past week.  Apparently he got the door stopper stuck in his hair.  I didn't even both asking how it happened.  He thought it was a bit embarrassing but mainly hilarious.  (I did too. :))

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