03 January 2013

Comparing Family Pictures, 2012

Since this Christmas in Missouri was the first for a new member of the Gamel family (Brian's sister had a baby last May), the entire extended family went to a local photography place to capture the little cousins together and the new baby with his grandparents.  (I'll post those pictures soon...)

While we were there and the boys were in good moods, the lady asked us if we wanted a picture of our immediate family.  Not ones to decline the opportunity to capture a moment in time, we happily took a family photo.  This led me to compare how our family has changed over the last few years...

Christmas 2012 - Oliver, 5 years; Bennett, 3 years

Christmas 2010 - Oliver, 3 years; Bennett, 1 year

Christmas 2009 - Oliver, 2 years; Bennett, 3 months

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