01 December 2012

Bennett is feeling better.

Bennett is doing wonderfully since returning home.

Bennett's swelling is down.  He noticed this himself when he saw his scrotum today during a diaper change.  He said, referring to his testicles, "it's tiny!" Little does he know that's not exactly something you want to shout to the world.  But I suppose he'll figure that out by junior high.

Bennett has been on very little pain medication since coming home.  Other than a wet cough, he seems to be completely back to normal.

If I were him, I would be ticked off for days for what he has had to go through.  He has every right to be angry at having been poked and prodded during his hospitalization.

But, his being the three year old he is, he has already moved on - living in the present and back to playing without a care in the world.  It's amazing how resilient little kids are, particularly those with chronic conditions.

I am not sure I could be as resilient.  But, I have to remind myself that Bennett doesn't know what happened to him under anesthesia.  He doesn't realize he has 8 new silver caps on his back teeth or a big bruise on his bum.  He has no idea what his disease holds for him in the future.  So, why should he worry or feel badly now?  There is much too much fun in life to be angry for days.  Besides, he has new Spider-man slippers!

I'm so glad for this.  As they say, ignorance is bliss!

On the ride back home last night, Bennett said to me, "I don't like the happ-spittle (hospital)."
I turned my attention away from the wheel of the car, looked at him sitting in his carseat and said solemnly, "I know.  Me neither, Bennett."

I thought our conversation was done until I heard his voice add, "But I like being wiff you, Mommy."

It was a melt-your-heart-if-you're-his-Mama kind of moment.

My brain instantly went to the memory of, in the middle of the night before, my big body being crammed up in his crib-bed, my lying next to him and rubbing his hair while coaxing him to trust me that he was safe enough to fall asleep.  It was a sweet moment for me, even in the midst of really hard ones.

"I liked being with you, too, Bennett," I answered back.

And then I realized, my three year old just reminded me, there is always goodness to be found, no matter how difficult the circumstance.


  1. Tears to my eyes!!! Never forget those words! Melt your heart - treasure them forever!! You're a fantastic mama...I'm so proud of you!!

  2. That is so beautiful! I'm so glad you are back home and he's doing well. Reading about the whole hospital experience has made me so teary. Your little boy is absolutely precious.

  3. What a sweet Mom moment! Definitely one to remember forever!

  4. I learn so many lessons from your writings, Breck. While my heart doesn't believe my daughter, Adalyn, will ever have a hospital visit, my mind knows otherwise. Every moment you document, gives me just a little more insight as to how I can handle what is to come. My heart goes out to you and your precious family. Thanks for all that you do.


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