31 December 2012

December CF Clinic

We just arrived home from almost two weeks of visiting family in two different states for the holidays.  We had a wonderful time!  The boys did terrific and we loved getting to see family for Christmas.  But I am also very thankful to be able to start out this new year at home.  There's no place like being home and sleeping in your own bed!

I have so much to catch up on with regard to the blog.  Because of this, there are quite a few December/Christmas blog entries (such as this one) to follow.  I have been piling up posts for a while but haven't had enough time to publish them until now.

Also, several friends have mentioned they recently haven't been able to post comments on the blog.  I'm not sure what the deal is but I took off one security measure on Blogger in order to hopefully resolve the problem.  So, feel free to try it again if you want to share a comment!  I love hearing feedback and stories from other families like ours!

Earlier this month, Bennett and I went to his quarterly CF Clinic appointment.  Since our CF Clinic/Dallas Children's Medical Center is 2 hours away from our home, I promised Bennett he could get a snack from the clinic snack machine once we arrived.  He was soooo patient on the ride up to Dallas and chose M&Ms as his reward.

I decided not to worry about taking pictures of his appointment since I have some great pictures from our annual appointment in August.  Instead, I snapped pictures while we waited for our Doctor and nurses to come in.  Taking pictures gives me a way to document our time, sharpen my photography skills and keep us both entertained while we wait.  CF doctor appointments can take a very long time.

All in all, Bennett had a wonderful appointment.  Bennett registered in the 33rd percentile for weight, which Dr. C. feels good about (in CF patients, life expectancy is correlated to good weight gain).  Apparently, Bennett is moving along his growth curve just fine.  

For the first time, Dr. C was able to check Bennett's sinuses (since sinus issues and nose polyps are very typical with Cystic Fibrosis).  Bennett checked out great.  Overall, Bennett continues to thrive and received praised for his good health.

Bennett was very patient for the doctor to look in his ears and nose and listen to his lungs.  Each appointment, Bennett shows greater and greater maturity and tolerance to being touched and examined during this appointments.  It makes me so happy to see his appointments less and less terrifying for him.

God has given Bennett such a fun-loving personality.  I am so thankful for his free spirit as Bennett himself makes difficult hospitalizations and doctor appointments tremendously more fun, not just for himself but for those around him.  He takes nothing, including himself, too seriously.

As we were leaving Bennett's appointment, we stopped in the lobby so I could get a picture of Bennett with the Children's Medical Center Christmas tree.  Bennett enjoyed getting to see the very tall tree. I appreciated getting to see seeing how much Bennett has grown.

This is one of our first photos with a children's hospital Christmas tree (Bennett was in surgery at Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth at the time this photo was taken so he couldn't be in the photo, 2009):

This was our second year (2010) to take a children's hospital Christmas tree picture.  We had come to the hospital for our quarterly CF appointment at Cook's Children's Hospital and Clinics:

We don't have a picture from last year - although there should have been since Bennett was in Scott and White Children's Hospital two days before Christmas in 2011.  But, I suppose we were too focused on getting out of the hospital to worry much with a children's hospital Christmas tree picture. :)

Nonetheless, this is our big boy, this year (2012):

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