29 November 2012

Surgery Has Begun

We arrived at the hospital at 9:15AM this morning.  Bennett was not thrilled to have to go back to the hospital for surgery having already been through a procedure yesterday.  But Bennett was more willing to go when I told him we had a pair of new Spider-Man slippers for him to get to use while he's in the hospital.

He was SO excited!

It was really nice to have Daddy with us today.  Bennett really loved getting one-on-one attention from his parents.  He didn't even seem that scared today.

Bennett is becoming so brave with all the tests he has to get at each appointment.  He hates the blood pressure cup because it squeezes his leg.  The nurses say, "it's just going to 'hug' your leg." But he prefers not to get hugs from the blood pressure cup.  The light on his finger is an oximeter.  This is important with CF as it tells how much oxygen is in his blood.  He has always had 100%, which is a signal that his lungs are working perfectly.

Bennett loves to play on his own so he happily played with his super heros while Brian and I talked with the doctors.

Bennett uses his Spider-Man hand to shoot his webs (I promise, he's not flipping off the camera).

Daddy-love. :)

Once Bennett was given oral Versed, the nurses asked us to sit him down (so he wouldn't fall).  So, he and Daddy climbed in the bed to watch TV.

Bennett is starting to feel loopy and relaxed.

Our friend Dana came to be with Brian and I during Bennett's surgery.  It was nice to get a family picture.  Although, Bennett did not prefer to smile.  But then again, why would anybody want to smile before going into surgery?! :)

Mrs. Dana plays with Bennett.  Dana has a little boy Bennett's age in Bennett's class at school.

After about two hours later, the surgical team came to get Bennett.

To keep Bennett calm, even though he had Versed which made him relaxed, they let Brian sit with Bennett on the hospital bed while they wheeled him to surgery.  Brian got off the bed right as they went through the big double doors in the surgery wing.  It was really nice for my heart to know Bennett didn't cry at all.  He was relaxed, likely sleepy.

Bennett went in to surgery at 11:15am this morning.  We expect the surgery to be several hours.

To be continued...


  1. Praying for Bennett! He's so brave!

    1. Rachel, thank you so much for your love. I agree, he IS so brave. :)


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