30 November 2012

Sleepless in Temple

Staying in the hospital is a bit like being in a casino.  There is no concept of time.  I suppose Bennett decided he slept enough during the surgery that he had no desire to sleep last night.  I tried to get Bennett to go to sleep around 10pm.  Since he was in bed all day and people were still coming in and out, my only option for indicating it was "night-night" time was to tell him we couldn't watch any more movies.  He finally settled and fell asleep, as long as I slept beside him.

What an night.  I couldn't move hardly at all since he was beside me and I was so afraid of pulling on IV and pulse oximeter cords that attach to him.  On top of that, this bed is very snug.  So, at different times my legs hurt.  But my biggest difficulty falling asleep was allowing myself to.  Part of me was still  reeling from adreneline from earlier in the day (the body's way of coping with crisis management).  The other part of me kept anticipating someone else walking into our room.  They never tell us when they are going to come in.

But finally, around 1:30AM, I began to feel myself relax and I became sleepy.  It was around 3AM that the nurse came in to check vitals and to check Bennett's bottom, which involved taking his diaper off.  Needless to say, it woke both of us up.

Bennett never seemed to get comfortable after that.  Eventually, around 4:30AM, I asked for pain medication since he kept complaining his bottom hurt.  So, the nurse gave him some IV morphine.  Once he started feeling better, I put on a 20 minute cartoon on Netflix on the iPad (thank goodness for Netflix!  The hospital movie selection offers no Spiderman or Super Hero Squad.)  Bennett seemed preoccupied with a cartoon for a short bit so I began to drift off again.

However, the 20 minutes was up within a flash and I was back up again changing cartoons.  Just as I began to feel myself drift off again (around 7AM), our first medical resident (ENT) came to see us.  At that point, I couldn't fall asleep again.  Thirty minutes later, a half dozen surgery residents were in our room gathered around Bennett's bed to observe how his bottom was doing.

I actually like the medical resident working our case.  She seems so normal (sometimes, residents can be nerdy and socially awkward).  But this girl is good.  She came in quickly, listened to my warning to her that she should ask me any questions first (before she examines Bennett) if she wants to hear any of my answers.  Then, she went on to examine him.

She said he does have a lot of swelling on his bum due to the injection they did yesterday.  She said that we should probably wait to go home until he is feeling better.  Obviously, we can't go home on IV morphine so Bennett needs to demonstrate he can eat, drink and manage his pain with an oral pain med before we will be able to go home.  We may also demonstrate he can poop before we go.  I'm not sure yet if that's a prerequisite.

The bottom line, though, is Bennett needs to demonstrate he's fairly back to normal before they want us to leave.  Of course, nobody wants to see him have to come back to the hospital after returning home.  So, we will wait and see how Bennett does today.

Since I have had really only 1.5 hours of sleep today, I am looking very forward to Brian coming to relieve me for a short while.  I had considered maybe returning home to sleep but I'm not sure I will be able to drive back home without falling asleep first.  So, I may have to let Brian care for the boys in the room while I sleep on the couch.

I am really hopeful we will go home today.  But I am also realistic that it may be a long day until that happens.  The nurse has reassured me that they discharge at any time of the day.  So, I'm trying to be patient and know we are in good hands for now.

The good thing is, other than some pain, Bennett is doing very well.  And other than wishing I had caught a few more Z's, so am I.  We look forward to having little Oliver later this morning to bring some comic relief.  It always helps little brother feel better when big brother is around.


  1. I hope you are able to go home soon and get some good sleep!

    1. Thanks so much, Joy! We did go home and I definitely slept like a baby!! :)


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