21 November 2012

Complications of CF, the Rectal Prolapse Version

We met with the Pediatric Surgeon last week and confirmed he needed surgery.  We also considered that maybe, just maybe, we could buy some time, if Bennett's rectal prolapse was less chronic at this point.

...that was until Saturday, when it came out for another 14 hours and then again on Sunday for several  hours.

I called first thing Monday and explained that we have to get the surgery done soon.  We have travel plans for the holidays and, more importantly, his rectal prolapse issues are making it difficult to get his treatments done.  He can't sit during those times and he complains it hurts him too much to do the vest when his rectal prolapse is out.

Yesterday, the radiology department at Scott and White Children's Hospital called to set up our barium enema test for Friday, November 30 at 8am.  This test will tell us how much of his bowel is loose before going in to surgery.  Bennett will be given versed to help him be loopy for the test.  But our backup plan is to use propofol should we need to put him to sleep for the procedure.

Unfortunately, though...rectal prolapse isn't is only CF complication causes us problems right now...


  1. Can you get him a little donut pillow to sit on? Would that help him be more comfortable for his vest time?

    1. Stevi, we've tried that here and there but he really doesn't understand enough about his condition to give us enough feedback for us to know what works for him and what doesn't. Sometimes, he has to sit down on his bum, even with the rectal prolapse, such as in the carseat, and despite protest, he seems to finally get comfortable. So, I don't reallly know what feels good and what doesn't. But I think that's a good idea and something I really wish I could make work for him!


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