18 October 2012

I hope you'll dance.

I wanted to share this funny video I saw today created by a young guy with Cystic Fibrosis.  He created the video on his own one night while in the hospital for a "tune-up."  (For non-CFers, a "tune-up" is typically a two week hospital stay where CFers are given IV antibiotics to keep their lung infections under control.)  Although Bennett has not had to go in for a tune-up yet, it is just a matter of time before he will.  Fortunately, so far, he has never contracted any lung infections, that we know about.  But, eventually, when he does, he will have to undergo these types of treatments from time to time.  So, I appreciate this video, it's humor, and the young guy behind it.

I think I like it because I know what it's like to be in the hospital day after day, staring at eggshell colored walls, listening to the constant beeps of machines, bored of TV and exhausted from the ever present parade of nurses, doctors, and therapists who are often more interested in their own time schedule than in yours.  

Being in the hospital is boring.  It's isolating.  It's lonely.  I experienced this during our repeated hospitalizations with Bennett during his first two years of life.  During several of the hospital stays Bennett was an infant so I often held him constantly, just as I would have done at home.  But I found he was often hooked up to an IV or feeding tube machine, which meant that essentially I was too.  The IV pole was a constant medical equipment presence, always connected to Bennett and never farther than a foot away from us at any moment.

I love this video because this is what you do when you choose to not take life too seriously.  This is where creativity goes when you're stuck in a tiny room where medical equipment lines the walls and your walking space is no more than a 4x4 area of cold hard tile.  This is what it's like to find humor in even the most of frustrating experiences.

This little video wasn't just funny to me, though; it connected to me.  Because, when I see this silly outwardly-healthy young guy stuck dancing a hospital room tethered to an IV pole when he should be out dancing with friends, I see my own son 15 years in the future.  I wonder to myself what Bennett will do when he's "in the hole" (what CFers call being stuck in the hospital).  I wonder how he will choose to cope with his condition when he is a young man, no longer interested in Mama sleeping on the hospital floor next to him.  If I'm right, I think, he would do something like this.  I think, he will be the kind of guy who will find a way to make every thing he does fun and find a way to make others laugh in the process.

I contacted Dominic to ask if I could post his video on my blog.  He shared with me he is an artist who lives in LA. and has a website called  In reference to this particular video, he said that he shot it at 1AM because "the daytime had too many nurses, docs etc coming in and out. Lol."  Oh, how I know *exactly* what he is talking about!!  

Thanks Dominic, for making me laugh today.   In the future, when Bennett finds himself with an IV pole dance partner one day, I hope he will chose to dance too. 

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