01 October 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bennett!

Bennett turned three years old today!  He was so terribly proud of himself!  When he woke up this morning and we asked him how old he was, he said, "I three!  I a big boy!!"  

(Yes, I realize I put "Saturday, September 30" rather than Sunday.  Oops!)
Today, he had a small birthday party with several close friends.  When we asked him what theme birthday party he wanted, he was very clear that he wanted a "Soupman"-"Batman"-"Pideman" party. So, I found a way to make it happen.  (Thankfully it's a rather popular birthday party theme these days so it was easy to do.)

A while back, I won a free birthday party at the Zoo.  So, initially, we had planned to hold his party (which was by no means an animal themed birthday party) at the Zoo.  However, in atypical Texas fashion, it rained and rained and rained this weekend making it too soggy and still too rainy for a visit to the Zoo.  So, he held his party at home.

One of Bennett's most favorite things about his party was the adorable birthday cake designed by our friend Paola (I will blog about her tomorrow).  This cake was everything Bennett had talked about.  And the best part was the cake was as good to eat as it was to look at!  Check out the little capes on the Batman and Superman cakes.  Isn't that so cute?!   

To add to the fun, I found these cute superhero plushies to go with our party theme.

Spiderman (albeit more creepy than the other two) was not to be forgotten.

Oliver and Bennett were willing to let me take a picture of them to document how big they are getting.  (Wearing a cape during the party was highly encouraged.)

Bennett shows us how big he is now.

Blowing out his candles.

Getting a little extra help from Daddy and Oliver.

Opening gifts.  Bennett received such fun things for gifts from blocks to games to an Ironman mask.

(How in the world did it get past me that the birthday boy decided to wear his lion mask instead of smiling for the picture at his own birthday party?!)
All Bennett's little friends say CHEESE!

As a party favor, each guest went home with their piece of "Kryptonite" rock candy.  If you aren't up on your Superhero facts, kryptonite is from Superman's planet Krypton.

The little boys also took home a Superhero book.

Luckily, I found Wonder Woman books for the girls on Amazon.

During the party, Bennett insisted that he put on his new Superman pajamas that our neighbors and adopted grandparents Judy and Drew gave him.  He loved the heck out of these pajamas (as he does all of his pj's).  Clearly a bit of kryptonite didn't hold down this Superman.

This is one of the gifts that Bennett received for his birthday, made by our friend Kristen.  It's his own superhero jetpack.  Both boys talk about wearing jetpacks all the time.  So it's no wonder he didn't take it off all day!

Superman holding Superman.

Our entire family had a wonderful birthday party celebrating God's gift of Bennett these last three years!  Loving superheros runs in the family.

Our friend Dr. Mark joined in the fun by wearing one of the boys' capes and eating his own Kryptonite rock candy.  It just proves that you can be a kid at any age.

At the end of the day, after all of our guests had gone home, I found one of my favorite moments of Bennett's birthday when Oliver gave Bennett the present he "bought" and wrapped for him.  It was super fun to see both of their faces when Bennett opened the gift.  I took joy in seeing each other appreciate the process of giving and receiving.

Happy Birthday, little one.

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  1. Breck - you seriously throw the BEST children's birthday parties! I think you should start a business! And if you could plan my party in January, I'd love it =)


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