02 August 2012

Friends with Tshirts

It has been lots of fun to see our long distance friends in their Bennett's Brigade tshirts.  Here are just a few of our friends wearing Bennett's shirt...

 This is Emily and Matt, Bennett's godparents.

This is Mackenzie.  She and Bennett have the same CF mutation (so she and Bennett are patiently waiting for the same medication to cure their disease).  I'm a huge fan of the entire Jobe family and greatly appreciate my friendship with Christy, Mackenzie's mom who is a sweet and thoughtful CF Mama.  I started reading about Mackenzie's CF journey around the time I learned of Bennett's diagnosis.

This is Cade.  He is Bennett's age and lives with his Mama and Daddy near the town I grew up in, so we have mutual friends.  While Bennett and Cade will never actually get to play together, Holly and I had a chance to meet up at the CFF's Volunteer Leadership Conference last February.  I love her.  A few months back Cade and Bennett had a CF appointment at the same clinic on the same day at the same time.  She and I snuck out of our patient/clinic rooms to hug and say hello.  It felt rather scandalous, really. :)

This Sara, our Norwegian friend, whose Momma I wrote about here.  Sara is a about Bennett's age and has Cystic Fibrosis, like he does.  I really love knowing Hanne Linne and hearing about how Sara's CF care is different in Norway than it is here in the US.  It's particularly fun to know Sarah is wearing Bennett's shirt halfway around the world! :)

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  1. Do you have any more shirts for sale? I would love to get some, one for ayla and myself! awesome job on them!!


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