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First Day of School 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bennett, Preschool - 2's, 2012

Oliver, Preschool - 4's, 2012

Loving Brothers

Ready for school!  (Bennett insisted he keep his "bad man" toy with him in the picture.  I think the toy came from McDonalds years ago but he loves it.)

Two little boys.

A family picture on the first day of school!  This is going to be a great year!

6 Responses to “First Day of School 2012”

  1. Oh my goodness, they are just too cute in their matching uniforms!

  2. Can't wait to hear more about their adventures!

  3. CUte pictures! How was the first day?! Hope they both loved it!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I'll post next about it. They had a great first day. Especially Mr. Bennett. He is in love with school! :)


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