25 July 2012

A trip to North Carolina, Part 2

This post is the second of two posts about our recent trip to North Carolina.  To see the first part, click here.

Five years ago, Brian and I, along with two other couples we met in college, began an annual tradition of vacationing together each summer.  It has become one of the things we look forward to all year long.  This year was no exception.

Brian and Laura are Oliver's godparents.
This year, we all gathered at the home of our friend Brian and Laura in North Carolina.  Brian is a medical student at UNC.  Laura works for the charity World Vision.

Matt and Emily are Bennett's godparents.

Our friend Matt and Emily (from Missouri) joined us as well.  Matt is a high school science teacher.  Emily is a nurse.

One of the most favorite things we like to do when all of us get together are to cook and eat.  This year, four year-old Oliver decided he wanted to help out in the kitchen too!

Laura is a great cook and made Oliver's cooking experience lots of fun.

Two of my favorite boys.

Bennett decided to join in once the big mixer came out. What little boy doesn't love things that turn fast and make loud noises?

The Men.  
The Ladies. (We had a girls' brunch at the Carolina Inn.  I loved the history and the girly fun!)

The babies.

The real baby.  Inside.  Emily and Matt's first baby due in a few months!

One morning, the girls and I were chatting in the kitchen when we noticed all the guys huddled around their electronic gadgets.  This was a frequent sight throughout the week.  And let's be honest, the addiction starts early.  The little boys were as enthralled as the big boys.

It turns out, they were playing this pretty cool game on the iPad where each of the guys' iPhones were controllers.

Emily and Laura - I love these girls! :)

One afternoon, Brian (not my Brian, the other one) took us to see where he takes classes at the University of North Carolina Medical School.

Bennett tried to skip his naps.  But sometimes, he just couldn't do it.

Brian, the boys and I had a chance to briefly visit Duke while we were in Durham.  When I asked the boys to smile for a picture with Brian, Oliver put his fingers up on his head and said, "Look, I'm the Duke Chapel!"

"Uncle" Matt plays "Wee-wee and Buth (Woody and Buzz)" with Bennett.  Bennett loves little figures and playing with little people toys.

Sweet Emily loves on Bennett.

Of course, while we were away, we had to do treatments.  A few days in to our trip, I realized I forgot to pack enough breathing treatment medication to make it until we left.  I tried to contact the pharmacy but the only way to resolve this issue would have been to purchase an entire month's supply of medication for only a few days worth of the medication we needed.  So, I turned to Facebook and asked the moms who lived in the area if they could help.  Thanks to my sweet friend, Kelli, she was able to contact her friend and fellow CF mom, Gretchen, in Durham who offered to help me within 24 hours.  Brian and I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful and understanding CF community to help us out!

Each year, when we couples get together, we arrange a babysitter for the kids (Oliver and Bennett are the only kids so far) and all of the adults went out to dinner.

Brian and Laura introduced us to a pretty cool "ironman chef" competitions called, "NC Dining Competition" in which two local chefs cook a three course meal each.  Then, all of the guests at the event got to vote (using their smartphones) on which dishes we prefer.  In this picture, we are testing the "aroma" category.

Brian, Brian and Oliver skip rocks at Durham's tobacco district.

After dinner at Tyler's, we visited the Durham Bulls baseball park.  Such fun!

Ollie and Bennett sit with the Durham Bull's mascot, Wool E. Bull.

Bennett enjoyed his first snow cone.

Oliver chose ice cream with sprinkles, his favorite!

The next day, we flew back home to normal life in Texas.  But it was a ton of fun visiting old friends and our old home in NC. Thanks for hosting us, Brian and Laura!  We miss you both, as well as Emily and Matt.  Can't wait to see you all again new year!

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