03 June 2012

Feeling Better!

Playing at the table in his pajamas.
Bennett is doing really well since his last scary episode with a respiratory infection.  His throat culture came back "clean" but even the doctor is suspicious the culture wasn't reliable this time (we believe the test may have been given incorrectly).

Since Bennett has cultured Staph before (something most CFers culture), Bennett is on a round of Azithromycin, five days of Prednisone and is being monitored closely.  His cough, runny nose and general feeling of yuckiness has improved dramatically, giving us confidence that he is fine.  (That virus was a nasty one, though.  Wow.)

Brian and I are still talking ourselves down from the ledge. We were surprised at how quickly his health deteriorated during this virus. He went from a slight runny nose to coughing fits, a constant state of crying, no interest in eating, and waking up at night panicked because he couldn't breathe.

Thankfully, though, I think we are out of the woods...for now.

Practicing his Pre-K handwriting skills at home.

Working hard on his "handwriting skills" like big brother!

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