05 February 2012

Oliver's Love for Oklahoma

Oliver has one state that he LOVES...

It's not the state he was born in...

It's not the state he lives in...

It's not the state that his parents' went to college (although, we've been working to raise him as a University of Missouri fan for years).

No, Oliver *loves* Oklahoma.

Why, you might ask?  Because he believes Oklahoma the "promise land" for tornadoes.  Seriously.

Oliver loves the TV show Stormchasers where his favorite stormchaser Reed Timmer is from.  For whatever reason, Oliver seems to believe that tornadoes are happening all day, every day in Oklahoma.  He dreams of going there.  He can't understand why we can't drive there.  This is why we get questions like, "Mom, why didn't you put our house in Oklahoma?" and "Why is it taking so long for me to get big enough to go to Oklahoma?"  (I promised him that when he turns 18, he can go chase tornadoes, if he wants. :))

Unfortunately, his four-year-old mind doesn't understand that tornadoes do, in fact, come to Texas too (although, he rightfully complains, never to his part of Texas). Nonetheless, I'm afraid that we may have a Oklahoma Sooners fan on our hands if we're not careful.

Oliver's love for tornadoes has translated to an interest in the United States.   He can recognize about four states right now.

But there is only one state that he regularly shapes with bites out of food.  Yep, you got it:  Oklahoma.


  1. That's pretty much the sweetest thing ever!

  2. lol so cute! ( ms. margaret's sister)

  3. I love that he shapes his food like it! Too funny!

  4. Maybe it's time you tell him how many tornadoes come to Missouri! After all, we lived through one Freshman year. Remember that?! ;)

    This is just too sweet!


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