02 January 2012

List for Packing for the Hospital

Things To Remember To Bring To the Hospital When A Child Is Sick:

A list of medications
It's amazing how many times I'm asked to give this information via memory; a list of medications, their dosages and frequency helps simplify this process during admission. I like the phone app CareZone for this.

Sometimes, believe it or not, hospitals don't actually have readily available some of the medications you may need; bring nebulizer/breathing treatment supplies, as well.  The hospital may ask you to turn over all your medications to them.  I recommend keeping a bottle of enzymes with you at all times.

Vest from home, including compressor with its cord and tubing
For the sake of cross-contamination in the hospital; it’s best to use your own vest

G-tube supplies 
I have learned this the hard way. If the child has a g-tube, bring all supplies. Again, you'd be surprised by what they don't have.

Bath Towels
Hospital towels are small and rough

Dish towels and dish soap (to clean dishes, toys or nebulizers)

* Disinfecting wipes
It’s always best to have the ability to sanitize whatever you see fit in the room; including toys you might borrow from the play room.

Bath mats or other mats for the room
The floor is very hard and very cold.

Sound machine
Hospital sounds can be loud making one's ability to rest difficult; a sound machine is very helpful!

Snacks/Small Meals/Soda
There is no guarantee the cafeteria will be open all day/night; sometimes meal time comes and goes and it's difficult to get away

Cash (including coins for vending machines)

Warm Clothes, especially socks and bedroom shoes (for parent and for child)
Hospitals are usually cold; for patient, choose buttoned shirts due to IVs

Flip-flops for the shower

This ain't a hotel; don't expect them to have much if you forget something

Laptop/Cell phone and chargers

Portable DVD player/DVDs, iPad and/or handheld game system

Toys, stuffed animals, magazines, books, pacifiers

Blankets and pillows for patient and caregiver
Be prepared to sleep on a side couch; bring your own comfortable bedding

Sleep mask and ear plugs
Hospital machines have lights and sometimes those lights can be bright, even in a dark room


Command hooks to hang things up

Tape and Scissors

Laundry soap 

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  1. We are oh so aware of this. They laughed at us in the ER last year when I brought my own blanket and laptop, but even the briefest visit is 12 hrs.


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