01 January 2012

What to do with Christmas Cards...

One of my favorites parts of getting Christmas cards each holiday season is rearranging the pictures on our refrigerator.  A few years back, my mom bought me a giant magnetic collage frame to help organize the pictures on my fridge.

So, every year, I take our Christmas cards and cut down the pictures so that I can fit in the frame as many of our friends as possible.  It makes me so happy taking out the old pictures and replacing them with new photos of our favorite people!

If you've sent us a Christmas card this year, there is a good chance you're sitting on our fridge. :)


  1. Great Idea...I make mine into a collage place mat. :)

  2. I.want.this. I have been wanting to do this exact thing. Thanks for the link...and I love seeing my little babes on there!


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