18 January 2012


{EDIT: Heather, here is the theme song.  I guarantee you've heard it before: :)}

I thought I'd show proof how much Brian loves Superman...and why our children are destined to love it too:

This is Brian, in 1983, at age 6 dressed in his homemade Superman outfit, which included his "Clark Kent" shirt and belt.  (When we were first dating, I cut this picture out to make Brian a scrapbook to tell him I loved him as much as he loves Superman, hence the weird photograph size.)

Thanks to my dear friend and bridesmaid Laura who reminded me of the picture Brian made on our wedding day shortly after we finished our vows: Brian with his Superman shield on his chest underneath his tux.

Our little Superman fan in the making.

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  1. This is so fun! Tonight Ray was telling the girls they needed to see Superman (they just saw Star Wars together) and I was telling him about your guys and their love of Superman. Too fun - do you have the Superman theme as your ringtone for Brian on your phone? I need to do that... :)

    (for Ray, not Brian!) ha!


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