03 January 2012

Christmas Rain

The boys received alot of nice toys for Christmas.  Santa brought Oliver a Duke jersey, a large United States map puzzle and Police Uniform.  Bennett enjoyed a pretend vacuum and a pretend fireman water hose backpack. 

But one of their favorites were the frog raincoats and umbrellas they received from their great grandmother.  I knew the kids would *love* playing out in the rain.  However, we literally went almost all without rain this summer in Texas.  So, I was more than happy to let them play outside when it rained Christmas Eve.

Here's our little guy just days after having surgery.  It's amazing how wonderful modern medicine is that he would be up and playing like normal just a few days after losing parts of his colon.

Sweet Oliver enjoyed his umbrella most.  He was playing like it was a tornado and having a very good time in the rain.


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