20 December 2011

Surgery Preparation and lab results

We heard from the hospital today.  Surgery has been scheduled for 8:15AM on Thursday.  We will report to the hospital shortly before then.  The surgery is expected to take around two hours.  He will then recover for the next two days.

I am hopeful that Christmas will be an incentive for everyone to help Bennett heal as quickly as possible.  I also expect that moving his surgery up from noon to 8AM will facilitate in a quicker discharge.  But, there is a very good chance we could be in the hospital on Christmas if anything goes wrong.

The Pediatric Surgeon called me today to let me know she did finally hear back on Bennett's lab work.  It turns out that he has no infection.  Therefore, this most recent episode of rectal prolapse has no real origin.

This is good because we have no infection to worry about (particularly C.Diff.).  But this is bad because it does make Bennett very prone to having rectal prolapse issues at any moment of the day.

This is even more reason why it is best for us to complete this surgery sooner than later.  We are so happy to know that, after surgery, this issue may be resolved for some time.

The surgery is not guaranteed to last and is almost definitely not going to resolve his issues completely.  But, it's our best chance for success for the time being.  So, we're looking forward to solving this issue and, hopefully, preventing more ER visits due to rectal prolapse in the future!

Tomorrow is our day to prepare before surgery.  I am so so very thankful for a few more days to prepare!

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  1. THinking of all of you and hoping that Bennett can heal fast and be discharged before Christmas. Many thoughts of you tomorrow and Bennett!


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