19 December 2011

Surgery Planned for Thursday

I spoke with the Pediatric Surgeon this afternoon. She has still not heard anything with regard to Bennett's labs. I hope to hear one way or the other later today.

At this point, since Bennett's rectum has returned to normal (meaning he can sit, eat and play like he always does), emergency surgery today is off the table.  We are very happy to be able to resume our life as normal at this point.

However, we are very concerned about the risk of this happening again, particularly during our travels out of state for Christmas.  So, we have made the difficult decision to go forward to surgery as soon as possible.

Therefore, surgery has been scheduled for midday on Thursday.  This will include a 2-3 day hospital stay meaning we hope to be discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve.

We are disappointed to have to do it at the holidays and possibly even risk having to be in the hospital on Christmas. 

But it's nice that the hospital we will be at isn't far from home (thank goodness we won't have to be in Dallas for it!).  And even better, our family is planning to travel to our house so we won't have to miss Christmas with them, even if we are stuck at the hospital.

Everything could change again if the stool sample results indicate infection.  But as of now, this is our plan. 


  1. Sounds like a good choice although I'm sure a hard one. Will be praying for you and B...

  2. Oh boy ... I was just getting caught up on your blog! It used to update your posts on my facebook page.

    Ugh ... I'm sorry this is going on during the holidays. But then, CF never takes a break does it! Oh B, I'm praying for you and your "men".


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