22 December 2011

Surgery has begun!

Bennett just went back for surgery a few minutes ago.  He road off in to the sunset on his pink plasma car provided by the hospital.  The nurses had to take him to the OR to put him on the bed and give him sedation.  It was sad not to be there with him during that time.  It has to be terribly frightening. (I can hardly think about it because it makes me so sad for him.  This kind of stuff is getting harder and harder for me as I know he is older and more and more aware of what is going on around him.)

Bennett will be sedated with a gas mask first, then an IV narcotic.  We don't know if he will wake up loopy or just downright made.  We will see.

The procedure being done to him during surgery is called the "altemeier procedure".  Basically, the Pediatric Surgeon is going to go from his bottom and cut off the part of the bowel that is loose and keeps coming out during his rectal prolapse episodes.  This procedure should leave no scars and should generally not hurt him when he wakes up.


  1. Thanks for all the updates! Hope that Bennett wakes up feeling okay and makes a speedy recovery so you can find yourself home in a few days for Christmas. Thoughts of all of you...

  2. I hope he is not in pain when he wakes up. And it is completely understandable that you would be upset. Praying for a speedy recovery.


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