22 December 2011


We are in our hospital room where Bennett is recovering well. He is on morphine but seems fairly peaceful as long as he is lying down.42286

The Surgeon explained they took out about 4-6 inches of his colon (the bowel that is connected to the anus). Taking out this "extra slack" of colon will hopefully prevent the rectal prolapse from happening again. The hope is the bowel is too short now to come out.

Unfortunately, there isn't much they can do for his loose sphincter muscle (the muscle that opens and closes when one poops). The surgeon said his sphincter muscle seems stretched because of his chronic rectal prolapse episodes. She believes, however, the muscle will eventually tighten up over time if its give time to rest (aka he stops having prolapse of the bowel).

The Surgeon surprised us today by telling us that if all goes well, we can actually leave tomorrow!  I think that sounds really good so I hope we can!

Our biggest concern at this point (and the reason we are in the hospital) is the risk of infection.  Resecting the bowel (cutting it, taking part of it out and putting it back together again) can risk the highly not sterile feces from entering the body.  The Surgeon said she put the stitches very close together in order to prevent leakage.  However, any leakage at all can cause peritonitis and risk serious illness fairly quickly.

Bennett does have a small fever now but the nurses haven't been terribly concerned.  We won't likely go home if his fever doesn't go down.  He was given antibiotics during surgery so hopefully that will take care of any potential infection.

For now, we are chilling at the hospital and trying to keep Bennett comfortable.

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  1. Hope he continues to stay comfortable and that infection stays away. What a strong little guy!!!


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