23 December 2011

Receiving a Get Well Gift

Bennett was delighted to receive a very sweet and generous Get Well gift this morning from our family friend, Glynis.

Balloons!  Bennett *loves* balloons!   (In fact, Bennett saw someone else's balloons at the nurses station this morning and laughed and laughed at the silly smiling balloons.)

Bennett loves to kiss the things he likes.  So, it's no wonder he kissed his "ball" balloon!

...and Bennett's very favorite toy: a stuffed animal!!

Bennett named his dog, "Go-Go."  It may or may not have something to do with wanting to go bye-bye!

Big brother Oliver loved the balloons too.


  1. Perfect gift for a two year old! He looks so sweet in his little gown. Good to see him up and moving around!

  2. He is the cutest little guy! Love those kisses for all the things he loves. Hope he is feeling fairly good still. He looks great!


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