22 December 2011

Pictures: Scott and White Children's Hospital

Our first experience with Scott and White Hospital came the moment we learned Bennett (who had just been born) was critically ill and needed to be transferred to Scott and White in Temple.  That was over two years ago.

Since then, Scott and White opened their very own Children's Hospital, which opened in October of this year.  We are very pleased with the new hospital.  The rooms are nice.  The staff is relaxed.  And we have felt very cared for.

Bennett's Room (Bennett prefers to lie down right now.)

The adorable sign about Bennett's door.  This is something special the Child Life staff does at Scott and
White.  (I remember Bennett's first little sign when he was in the NICU).

Bennett has been chewing on a bottle all day today.  It's easier than using a straw and making him sit up.  He has loved chewing on it and sucking down apple juice.

One of the greatest blessing about Bennett being two years old this hospitalization is that he loves to watch movies.  So, we have been watching Cars2 and Finding Nemo all day.

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