23 December 2011

Our IV Pole Christmas Tree

I added some Christmas lights to Bennett's IV pole for ambience in our room.  Everyone who comes in seems to really love it.  One resident even told Bennett, "I love your IV pole Christmas Tree."  I thought that was pretty clever to think of it as a Christmas Tree.  So, we have enjoyed considering it our little corner of Christmas.  If only I could pretend the blood pressure machine was a warm fire!

IV fluids keep Bennett hydrated.

As soon as Bennett got his pain medication this morning, he was out!

The glow of our Christmas tree.

Miniature toy cars are never far...even in the hospital.

Bennett has been fed through the G-tube some since he hasn't had much appetite.

Bennett gets his breathing treatment.

Sweet little hand all bandaged up.


  1. He is such a strong fighter! Madeline hated the pulse sox of all things too when' she was in. Love the lights on the iv pole..Your strength amazes me! Crossing fingers for some poop and a departure before st nick arrives!!!

  2. He is so cute--great pics! And the IV pole is awesome :)


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