14 December 2011

I'm so happy for frozen meals for toddlers!

America's obesity problem is my greatest savior!  I LOVE that companies make ridiculously fattening and high-caloric food for kids.  For Bennett: Childhood Obesity, here we come!

For a CF child like Bennett, it's exactly what he needs to be eating on a daily basis.  How wonderful to regularly have access to high fattening food - through the drive through and at the grocery store.  I have to resist it like the plague but it's the perfect food for a child whose body does not easily absorb fat and whose body needs more calories than the average child.

We are still working on the interest in chicken and french fries.  He loves corn (yeah, the vegetable that the human body can't even completely digest - why does a child with digestion problems choose to love to eat a food he can't digest?).

Bennett's favorite condiment is ketchup (Oliver's favorite is mayo).  I noticed Bennett was eating very well on his own the other day.  I was quite impressed at his ability to stay focused on eating for so long...until I came over and noticed he had touched none of his food.  What he was eating with gusto was his ketchup...that has almost no calories!  Stinker!

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