18 December 2011

ER Visit Completed

We were able to delay going into the ER until late this morning.  I woke up around 8AM (after being awake almost all night long with Bennett's crying and my worrying about what to do about his rectal prolapse).  I put a call into the Pediatric Surgeon.  I knew that she'd probably advise us come to the ER.
She had a suggestion of one thing we could try to treat the rectal prolapse before coming in (she probably could sense my hesitation and desire to not have to come in if at all possible).  She suggested sugar. 

When the rectum (or bowel) protrudes through the anus and won't go back in, it can often begin swelling.  Swelling of the protruding bowel is what makes the bowel difficult to put back into the bottom without manual manipulation.  Unfortunately, even with manual manipulation (read: sticking my fingers in his butt and trying to make his bowel go back in), Bennett's prolapse would not recede, mainly because he feels the need to push it back out again (as Brian says, "that's supposed to be a one-way hole").

Sugar is supposed to help the osmosity of the edema (swelling) go down so that the bowel can return to its normal spot.  (Salt can also be used but it's much more painful!)

Over the phone, the doctor instructed me to pour a bunch of sugar on the protruding bowel.  "Pour sugar on it like you sugar a cookie" she said.  So, I did. 

Unfortunately, the sugar-on-the-bowel trick didn't work.  So, by 11AM, we were down in Temple at the Children's Hospital Emergency Room.

There, we met with the Pediatric Surgeon who assessed Bennett's situation and agreed that surgery is necessary.  Thankfully, like our last hospitalization for this issue, loss of Bennett's bowel does not seem to be an issue.  (His sphincter muscle is so loose that it has not cut off blood supply to the bowel yet).

The surgeon wanted to confirm he does not have an infection in his bowels (such as C.Diff).  But if the tests come back negative tomorrow, we will head for surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Initially, the doctor wanted to admit us to the hospital so Bennett's condition could be observed while we wait for the tests to come back and for our surgery to begin.  But I begged to go home.  I couldn't even imagine having to stay in the hospital for 24 hours for nothing more than observation.

Thankfully, the surgeon agreed that I was very observant and could monitor his situation at home.  We agreed that we would return home, rest and pack up to come back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon.

If the stool specimen tests come back indicating an infection, we will be forced to treat the infection first before surgery.  However, if they come back clear, the plan is surgery for tomorrow.  Should the rectal prolapse go back in on its own in the meantime, we may consider rescheduling the surgery until after Christmas.   Since we plan to travel this holiday season, Brian and I prefer to get the surgery over as soon as possible.

Either way, it has been determined surgery is necessary.
We shall see what tomorrow brings...

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  1. Please keep us posted! So sorry you are having to deal with this at the holidays.


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