23 December 2011

Early Morning At the Hospital

Of course, it's 6AM and people are already treating our room like a revolving door.  Nurses, doctors and residents.  Everyone wants to come by and they believe the best time is as early as possible.  Fortunately, I know this now so I am up before the sun and trying to grab a shower if I can (shower has no hot water at this point...why??)

Thankfully, I feel like it's down hill from here.   We're through the hardest part.  Now, we're coasting through the recovery period before going home.  Bennett ate alittle applesauce last evening, has handled his feeding tube through the night and is now sitting up.  I think they will want to see bowel movement before we go.  So, let's hope Bennett's GI track gets the memo that we're trying to get out before Christmas.

Bennett began feeling better around 10pm last night. He started talking more and seemed *much* less agitated than he was earlier in the day.  In fact, he loved taking a ride around the unit on my lap while Daddy pushed us in the wheelchair.  And he began playing cars again right before he fell asleep last night.

As Bennett was started feeling better, he asked for Daddy and Oliver (whom he calls, "ah-ah-ah").  They had just left to go home for the night so I let him call them on the phone.

Bennett talked to Brian and gave us some idea of what he thinks is going on.  Of course, Bennett's language skills are a little late (normal for him) but here's what he said:

"Hi Da-da.  Bye Bye?  Boo-Boo (spoken in a pitiful voice).  Bump-Bump, Bump-Bump (the sound of a heartbeat)."

which means...

"Hi Daddy.  I wanna go bye-bye.  I have a boo-boo and the doctor is trying to fix it."

Bennett really hates having his IV in.  He also hates the blood pressure cuff on his leg and the oximeter (which measures the oxygen in his blood) on his toe.  We always know we're getting ready to go home when we begin seeing them take off cords one by one.  So, I look forward to them beginning to take them off in this morning.

I am very pleased with how things are progressing.  I am feeling lighter and looking forward to Christmas once again!

We'll see how today progresses!  (...and if I ever get hot water!)

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