18 December 2011

Contemplating an ER Visit

I heard the music in my dreams but wasn't sure what it was.  I kept thinking it would go away but it didn't.  I finally awoke to realize: it really was music and I really was dreaming.

It was 4:44am and Bennett had crawled out of his bed, walked into our living room, found the remote and turned on the TV, which began playing the DVD introduction to the 1940's Superman serial that Brian and I had been watching before we went to bed a few hours earlier.

Bennett was out of his bed, which didn't surprise me because I chose not to hook him up to his g-tube feeding bag last night.  What choice did I have?  He was going to have to sleep on his stomach with his butt in the air so it didn't seem like he would want to sleep on his g-tube tubing.

Bennett's rectal prolapse made its arrival last night around 8pm and now I sit staring at the clock at 6am and realize nothing has changed.  Bennett is whining in his bed right now.  He's uncomfortable and wants relief.

But this very issue had us in the hospital almost 1 year ago to the day.  And it turned out that the rectal prolapse solved itself without any intervention.  So, I wonder, will it do again?

I've been told that there is a very seriousness to rectal prolapse, issues with strangulation of the bowel which would mean the bowel would die and have to be cut off.  There can also be an overall issue with swelling that can prevent it from going back in.

But it simply may be that the rectal prolapse will spontaneously resolve itself with no help at all.  The issue is that Bennett, being 2, wouldn't let us push it back in.  It's uncomfortable and makes him want to just push back.

The GI doctor at our local Children's hospital, a doctor I greatly revere and trust, has told me we can come into the ER, if we want.  But there isn't much they can do.  He feels it will likely resolve on his own but he also realizes that if it doesn't, we will have to have an ER admission (which usually includes a brief hospital stay).

My greatest fear is having to spend a day or two at the hospital for no reason.  Hospitals are NO fun.  It can feel like prison.  Once you're there, you can't leave until they tell you that you can.  And hospitals are like nursing homes, everybody has one pace: slow.

So, one does not want to have to spend their Sunday at the hospital unless it is absolutely necessary.
Unfortunately, by the looks of things, I'm afraid we're gonna have no choice.

The doctor is letting me make the call on whether to go to the ER.  I am trying to consider everything: will the prolapse resolve on its own?  will they be able to do anything at the hospital I can't do at home?  will Bennett get more rest at home or at the hospital?  will Oliver be ok if we do this?  will our being admitted to the hospital delay our Christmas plans?  will Bennett need surgery?  what is causing Bennett's current bout with rectal prolapse at this point?  is it worse to stay home or go to the hospital?  why am I having to make this decision?  what if I make the wrong one?

I will wait until hospital shift change before I go.  (Shift change is the worst because half of the people are trying to exit the building and the other half are just showing up for work.)  I'm afraid by the looks of things, our only choice is going to be to be admitted.

Cystic Fibrosis, I really really dislike you.


  1. Thinking of you and hoping his body decides to fix itself soon. Please keep us posted. Hugs to all of you.

  2. So sorry you are having to deal with this right before Christmas. Hope everything clears up.

  3. Just catching up with blogs, so sorry to read this! Hope B has fully recovered by now.merry christmas!


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